PRP Microneedling

Microneedling is a skin rejuvenating treatment that uses fine needles to make minuscule punctures in the skin. The small wounds created by the needling devices stimulate a wound healing response. This leads to collagen and elastin synthesis that will in turn increase skin strength and elasticity, thus making it appear more youthful.

The healing response triggered by the treatment can also improve scarring, including acne scars, and help reverse skin damage from the sun.

Microneedling can also provide a means of getting therapeutic products through the skin barrier, where they can work more efficiently. In our practice we use Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) together with microneedling to combine the benefits of the two treatments. For this purpose we use U225 mesotherapy gun.  The French made U225 is the most sophisticated mesotherapy injector currently available on the market. It is fully automatic, allowing fast injections of PRP with adjustable rate from 1 every 3 seconds to 300 per minute, making the procedure very comfortable, not requiring use of numbing creams.

Microneedling treatments are considered very safe, and the only adverse events could be temporary redness, swelling and minor bruising. It’s also well tolerated by most skin types, including darker skin.

PRP is prepared from a person’s own blood to extract growth factors that when injected back to the skin will promote rejuvenation by volume enhancement, fading of age spots, skin tightening and wrinkle softening. Platelets are an excellent source of human growth factors, and they are the primary source of growth factors in acute wound healing. The effects are visible within 3 weeks and last 12-18 months.

At Lemore Clinic we only use FDA and Health Canada-Approved standardized systems. Currently we are using RegenKit®

  • The A-PRP prepared with the Regen device has a very low level of contaminants.
  • Red blood cells are removed at 99.7 %.
  • The white blood cell level is drastically reduced, with a preferential depletion (96.7 %) of the pro- inflammatory granulocytes. The remaining white blood cells are mostly lymphocytes and monocytes.
Blood Vol Per TubePRP Vol Per TubePlatelet RecoveryRBC DepletionPlatelet Concentration Factor (Native)
10ml5-6ml>80%>99.7%1.6 X
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